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We wait, at any time we could be in this place that only fear and loathing know
It slowly eats away at the flesh that once smiled, once lived
The very same flesh that loved and knew love to be a perfectly good reason to hide
Hide away from the world the secret darkness that ate from within
the unwanted house guest who always seemed to know the worst time to make an appearance
The hours spent writhing in a sickly sweet sweat and contortions too bizarre to be natural
Staring at the ceiling asking the light why
The searing pain that will always return to you like a stalker that just loves you so much
they couldn't imagine leaving you, not ever.
So we trudge on begrudgingly, hoping that though we lost the battle that we not lose the war
Dear god don't let us lose the war, the suffering must stop sometime...
It has to, right?
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Feelings, like the many differ
Feelings, like the many different types of flowers
Some of them vivid and dark, others more bright and jittery
In the flower garden life was simply buzzing
So many things to see so little time before the sun went down to see them all
Like they were the very first time, the butterflies were there
They got more and more active as the day rolled by
Changing from a nervous flit from flower to flower
To a lethargic descent to the ground for a rest
But at the end of the day amidst all the chaos
The two hearts that were meant to be, were
And the butterflies in that garden will always be there.
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Under Pressure
Backs are breaking, and minds keep bending.
This pressure is building, frustration bubbling over.
How much more can one soul take?
Verbal abuse from total strangers
Perfection expected from those imperfect,
Hypocrisy running rampant and yet no one will say a thing.
Fear, fear is what drives us, Lack of money, hope and time.
When will the vicious cycle end?
Unrealistic regulations, robotic voices and forced smiles.
Just do your job and get through the aggravation,
What choice do you have?
Feed your hungry families, or have some peace.
Guess it is true, you can't have your cake and eat it too.
Provide necessities in a cruel, demanding world.
Finding strength in places unknown just to get through the day,
Who knows? It may get better, but don't hold your breath.
You might actually die.
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Just pray....?
Words jumbled together that float in one ear and through the other.
The safety net of comprehension out of the way due to lack of sleep which makes it worse,
when the words come quietly creeping back and into my thoughts.
"She may not make it..."
Now the gears are turning and I wish I could have stayed in the oblivious state I lingered in.
Because now I understand all too well what those awful words mean.
Someone so dear could be so fragile in such an ironic way, the strong hearted woman.
I guess I just don't understand. And all I can do is cry and pray.
Goddamn cigarette, isn't doing a thing for me now, go figure...
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I made peace with my demons today,
and after that pain I can finally stand and say...
I forgive you. For hurting me, for abusing me, for using me, for leaving me.
For walking away like I meant nothing to you, for letting me think you could change.
I loved you with all my heart, you had me wrapped around your finger. But now, I stand before God a changed woman. Stronger and smarter than before. In a sick way, I want to thank you for teaching me that I could love without judgment, and for showing me even the most shredded hearts could be mended.
I stepped out of your shadow, and into his light. My heart it bled at your name, but now, I see it had to be. Some days I miss you, but not today. With each passing day that I fall in love with him, your painful grip becomes more transparent.
Demons ran from me today,
And I forgave you...
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